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Insurance can be confusing; but Lockton Affinity is here to help! Choose from the topics below for answers to common questions about PhotoCare, PhotoCare Plus, or General Liability polices for PPA members. Or call us at 888.202.1526.

What is PhotoCare?

PhotoCare is an exclusive equipment insurance policy available at no charge to Active & Life members of the PPA. Administered through PPA’s exclusive partner, Lockton Affinity, eligible members who activate this insurance receive $15,000 worth of equipment coverage as a free member benefit.

What is General Liability?

General Liability is coverage that is there to protect you from a range of claims that might be brought against you during the course of your work, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others. Even if you take the greatest care, this policy can give you peace of mind, just in case.

How much do I pay for PhotoCare coverage?

Nothing! The PPA pays the premium for the PhotoCare policy as a member benefit to you. If you wish to purchase additional PhotoCare Plus Insurance, that premium will depend on how much you need to insure.

How much does General Liability cost?

The policy is surprisingly reasonable; rates start at around $250 a year.* The PPA and Lockton Affinity’s partnership helps make these great rates available to you, and best-in-class customer service makes the entire process simple.

*Your actual premium will depend on how much coverage you need. Taxes and fees may apply.

How do I opt in for PhotoCare?

It’s simple! Log in to your PPA.com account, go to the My PPA section (under Benefits) and click on the “Yes, I would like to opt in for PhotoCare Equipment Insurance!” button.

Because the PPA is purchasing your PhotoCare coverage, you need to opt in to let the PPA know to add you to the policy. (Otherwise, you won’t be eligible to file a claim.)

If for some reason you don’t need equipment insurance, you don’t need to opt in now; you always have the option later.

What’s the difference between PhotoCare and PhotoCare Plus?

PhotoCare: The PPA pays the premiums for $15,000 of basic equipment coverage, called PhotoCare, as a benefit to its members. This policy is exclusively for eligible PPA members who have activated their coverage.

PhotoCare Plus: A policy that is open to all PPA members as a stand-alone individual policy―or additional equipment insurance above the no-cost PhotoCare Insurance. Rates are pre-negotiated and very affordable. You pay the premium for this coverage.

Do PhotoCare or PhotoCare Plus policies include General Liability coverage?

No, General Liability Insurance is a separate, yet affordable policy, which you can buy here. And, if you own a studio and need Business Owners Insurance, you can call us to apply at 888.202.1526.

What’s the deductible for the PhotoCare policy?

The PhotoCare deductible is $350 for replaced equipment and $50 for repaired equipment. PhotoCare Plus has a flat deductible of $250 per loss.

How do I get a copy of my PhotoCare or PhotoCare Plus policy?

You will receive your policy documents by email. If you need additional information please use our contact form or call us at 888.202.1526 for help if you need it.

What are payment options for PhotoCare Plus and General Liability?

Our online payment system accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card and e-checks for your convenience.

How do I renew my policy?

You can renew quickly and safely online – simply go to https://payments.locktonaffinity.com/ppa and the complete the short online form. You will need your account number and your ZIP, phone number or email address used when purchasing your original policy.

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my equipment?

Homeowner’s insurance policies vary in the coverage they offer. Unfortunately, you’ll have to read through your policy―or contact your homeowner’s insurance agent―for specifics.

I am a new PPA member and just activated my PhotoCare coverage. How quickly does it take effect?

It is effective at 12 a.m. (local time) the day following activation. If you have questions about activation for purchasing additional insurance to protect your equipment or your business, call us at 888.202.1526.

What limits of coverage are available for PhotoCare, PhotoCare Plus and General Liability?

PhotoCare provides $15,000 in equipment coverage at actual cash value (of which a maximum of $5,000 can apply to computer hardware).

PhotoCare Plus can provide up to $100,000 in replacement cost coverage, including rental equipment.

General Liability coverage is up to $2 million aggregate, or up to $1 million per occurrence.

Are there any sublimits in the PhotoCare policy?

Yes, there is a $7,500 coverage sublimit for both water damage and theft from an unoccupied building.

Does this policy provide coverage for me while I am on location internationally, at a sporting event or an outdoor shoot?

Yes, both PhotoCare and PhotoCare Plus provide insurance for equipment you own―including accessories and computer―at all of these events. Both PhotoCare and PhotoCare Plus coverage extends worldwide.

I work as an independent contractor at three different studios. How does this policy cover my equipment?

PhotoCare and PhotoCare Plus policies are designed to cover the equipment a PPA member owns, no matter where they shoot. Members must have activated or purchased their policy and be in good standing with the PPA for coverage.

I’m a PPA Professional Active member, but my employer or employee is not. Is their equipment covered under my PhotoCare policy?

Only eligible equipment owned and purchased by the PPA member is covered by their PhotoCare policy. If they use their own equipment on the job, we’d recommend that they become a PPA member to qualify for their own policies.

Does the PhotoCare policy cover my computer equipment or iPad?

Yes, the PhotoCare policy provides coverage for work-related computer hardware. The policy covers items including (but not limited to) personal computers, laptops, tablets and printers up to $5,000.

Can I opt in to my PhotoCare coverage now even though my current equipment insurance policy is still active?

Yes, you can opt in for your coverage with the PPA at any time as long as you are an Active Professional or Life member in good standing.

What value is paid on my equipment?

PhotoCare provides depreciated value based on the age of the equipment. See the policy for specifics and depreciation schedules.

PhotoCare Plus provides replacement cost.

Do I have to be a member of the PPA to sign up for insurance?

Yes. PhotoCare is a members-only benefit, so you must be a PPA member in good standing. If you’re not a member, sign up by simply contacting the PPA at 800.786.6277.

What happens to my PhotoCare coverage if I drop my PPA membership?

Your PhotoCare premium is paid by the PPA as part of your membership, so if you drop your membership, you’ll immediately lose your PhotoCare coverage.

I am a Professional Active member and so is my studio partner. How does this work?

If you have activated your PhotoCare coverage, you are each eligible for $15,000 worth of PhotoCare coverage for the equipment that each of you personally purchased and own. If you need to file a claim, your coverage will be up to $15,000 of your equipment, and your studio partner will be able to file a claim for up to $15,000 of his or her equipment. (You cannot combine to $30,000 for claim purposes.)

Do you take paper applications?

Applying for our policies can be done by completing an online application (Purchase PhotoCare Plus herePurchase General Liability here). The application is quick and you’ll get your policy documents by email. If you can’t purchase the coverage online, please call Lockton Affinity at 888.202.1526 and we will be happy to help you.

I’m an Aspiring/Studio Associate/Retired member. Can I get PhotoCare?

While you aren’t eligible for the PhotoCare policy covered by the PPA, you can either upgrade to a PPA Professional Active membership (thereby becoming eligible to opt in for PhotoCare) or purchase PhotoCare Plus. This is an individual policy, at a great rate, that only PPA members can purchase.

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